Hold’em Poker

Casinos and online playrooms focus on the top rated and most popular games their customers play in order to provide the best comps and bonuses there, and gain a better profit. One of the casino games players often choose as the target of their gambling is poker, more specifically a form of the game called Hold’em Poker. The game has grown to be so popular that people play it as televised tournament. 

To get to know what is the charm of the game, you should first read about it specific features and rules. You can easily learn how to play by playing online poker at poker sites that offer many different types of poker, Hold’em being one of them.One of the major differences between Hold’em and other poker games is that the suits of the cards are considered equal. This means that in case two players have the same cards in their hand, the pot is equally divided between players with the best hands.

The main idea of the game is that players are dealt two cards called ‘hole cards’, and up to five cards are put on the table face-up called ‘the board’, considered common. Players can use all seven cards (the ones held in their hands and the board) to form the best possible five-card hand. This means players can use zero, one or both cards of their hole cards. 

Another characteristic of the game is the use of three notions. The first one called ‘the dealer button’ points the nominal dealer of the current game. The second one means the player on the left has to post a forced bet called ‘small blind’. The player immediately clockwise has to post another forced bet, usually the double of the small blind, called ‘big blind’. Other players usually have to post an ‘ante’, another type of forced bet, usually smaller than the small blind, before the cards are dealt.

After receiving the two cards, players have the option to play them by calling the big blind or raising it. The actions start to the left of the big blind and go clockwise. The available actions are ‘call’, ‘raise’, ‘fold’, ‘check’ and ‘bet’. To fold means to give up any interest in the pot and discard the two cards. To call means to match the amount the previous player has bet. To raise means to increase the amount. Betting continues on the same betting round until every player (who has not folded) has posted the same amount in the pot. Afterwards, the first three common cards are dealt, called ‘flop’. Players can bet again, raise or fold, or check, which means keeping the cards without betting again, if nobody has bet. Then comes the fourth card, the ‘turn’, and then the fifth, the ‘river’. The same betting options are available after both. Then players show their cards and the best hand wins the pot.

It is so simple and so much fun that you cannot miss playing poker online at least once!