Having trouble playing Texas Hold'em
with your friends online?

Unfortunately, all of the online sites are setup to make it easy and convenient for you to play online poker with strangers.

That doesn't leave anything for the groups of friends and people who want to play with each other on private tables, with their own game styles, chip counts and blind levels. Until now...

Would you rather play with a friend or a stranger?


  • We provide you with a Texas Hold'em game you can download free
  • This suite gives you ability to set up a game with your friends, where YOU decide on factors such as game length, chip counts, etc
  • The games are password protected so only your friends and people you invite can join the game
  • WE DON'T CHARGE RAKE, NOR DO WE COLLECT ANY MONEY, OR PERSONAL INFORMATION! We are even not in any affiliate deals with any poker sites.




IN-GAME SCREENSHOT (click here for more)

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Attractive yet simple UI adds to the excitement of the game but doesn't obstruct the players from concentrating on the cards.

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